About Us

I&CS LTD was established in 2000. becoming the authorised distributor and representative of several well-known companies: Oki, Toshiba, Ricoh, Kodak Alaris, Avision, Powercom.

Within its ealry years of establishment I&CS LTD has focused  its expension towards  “printing solutions” to ensure sustainabl growth in future.

We strive to lead in the delivery of the industy`s most advanced information technologies, printing solutions and document management systems.

We  convert advanced technologies into value for our customers through our customized solutions and service.

I&CS LTD is concentrated on high quality information technologies, service and customer care. always in collaboraion with our strategic partners with more then 10 year of experiance  I&CS LTD is considered as reliable company.

For past years I&CS LTD has increased its sales and detained significant  part on the Local market.

Our mission  is to assist our customers in reaching their goals by providing them with  imaging products and service based on modern technologies. High sense of resposibility enables us to give our customers everlasting opportunities to achieve higher standarts.